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The Research Business Models (RBM) Working Group is an interagency working group of the Subcommittee on Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) of the Committee on Science, a chartered committee of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The Committee on Science realizes that much has changed about the practice of scientific research over the last several years. The purpose of the Working Group on Research Business Models is to advise and assist the Committee on Science and the NSTC on policies, procedures, and plans relating to business models to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the Federal research and development enterprise in a manner cognizant of currently available resources. The Working Group will:

  • Facilitate a strong, coordinated effort across federal agencies to identify and address important policy implications arising from the changing nature of basic and applied research;
  • Examine the concomitant influence these changes have had or should have on business models and business practices for the conduct of basic and applied research sponsored by the Federal government and carried out by academic, industrial, and government entities;
  • Review the challenges to improved performance and mechanisms for more transparent accountability of the research enterprise
The goal of the RBM is not to issue a report, but to solve problems. The Working Group is working to address effective and constructive changes in the near term to have a positive impact on science, even while we work on more complex issues over the long term.

The membership of the Working Group includes representatives from fifteen Federal departments and agencies that support or are engaged in research activities.

The Working Group is broadly organized into the following three working groups:

  1. Common Practices Among Agencies
  2. Alignment of Funding Mechanisms with Scientific Opportunities
  3. Stewardship and Accountability Working Group

The RBM solicited public comments and held regional meetings to gather information related to the relationship between federal agencies and research performers.

Press releases:

- Executive Office of the President Takes Steps to Streamline Research Business Process

The Working Group has also established the following email address for receiving comments and questions related to its activities: